About Us

Our team is a very select team, and quite difficult to get on. To find a young team who stays off their cell phones while at work, who works extremely hard and efficiently, who work to make every single plate Instagrammable, and who are super friendly with customers is almost impossible...but we found it! To top it off each team MUST believe in giving back to the community and helping others. 

We are not perfect, but we hire good humans with old school work ethic, and who simply love to hand over delicious food.

Small Wins

- 1st Place Winnipeg La Poutine Week 2018

- 1st Place Winnipeg's Best Fries Competition by Virgin Radio Ace Burpee Morning Show 2019

- 4th Place La Poutine Week 2019

- Top 5 Le Burger Week 2019

- 2nd Place La Poutine Week 2020

- 1st Place August 2020 Heinz Best Burger in Canada Competition

Give Back Efforts

- Friendship Award from St. James Royal Canadian Legion #4 for our donations and give back efforts to Veterans

- $6,428.20 Donated to our Veterans through the Poppy Fund at Royal Canadian Legion. 

- $1972.40 donated to our friends at Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC)

- $500.00 in scholarships to St. James Collegiate toward a student who exemplifies giving back to the community

$500.00 in scholarships to Sturgeon Heights Collegiate toward a student who exemplifies giving back to the community

- $1500.00 to St. James Rods Football Club 2019 Sponsorship

- $500.00 to The Dream Factory to support Zachary and let his dream come true!

- $8000.00 in Feminine Hygiene Products to women's shelters and resource centres. In cooperation with Save On Foods, Four Crowns Inn & Event Centre, and Kotex Canada.

- $1689.00 to United Way for Le Burger Week 2019

- $130.00 to Agape Table with La Poutine Week 2020

- $1000.00 to Ryan Onnoson Funeral Fund

- $202.00 to Villa Rosa $1 for every burger sold on Mother's Day 

- $300.00 to Siloam Mission June 2020 due to St James Burger vs Willy Dogs Competition

- $4,218.00 to United Way September 2020 due to le Burger Week, $1 per burger sold!

- $1000 Donation to RCMP Ken Friesen Family

- $63 donation to Never Alone Cancer Foundation

- $60 donation to Never Alone Cancer Foundation

- $66 donation to Never Alone Cancer Foundation

- $121 donation to Sara Riel Inc. - Mental Health initiative for burger of the month sales January 2021

- $660 to Rainbow Resource Centre for Poutine Week & Burger fo the month sales February 2021

- $125 to Penny's All Breed Animal Rescue for Burger of the Month sales (122 actually sold - but rounded up)

- $125 to Military Family Resource Centre for Burger of the Month sales (119 actually sold - but rounded up)

- $162 to Indian Residential School Survivors Society Aug 3 2021 for Burger of the Month ($1 per burger sold)

- $2827 to United Way Winnipeg, $1 for every Le Burger Week Burger sold for 2021

- $75 to The Dream Factory for burger of the month, $1 for every burger sold, November 2021

Total Value of efforts to date Since October 2017: $31,223.60

- See all donation receipts and efforts at www.instagram.com/stjamesburger

Support our Troops

You may notice a military theme among us. We believe in supporting those that work hard to keep us safe! These people put their lives and families on the front line, and often go unappreciated.  We give back to the military, specifically our veterans and and those in need through the Legion and the MFRC. We certainly support our troops, and are very thankful for their efforts.